South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet really helped me change my way of eating, enabling me to lose weight and also enter into a healthy lifestyle. I am vegetarian and you can find the links for Vegetarian SBD recipes in the ‘South Beach Diet’ Menu.

Why did I go on the South Beach Diet

Well, like most people who go on a diet – I wanted to shed a few pounds. But I was wanted it to be easy to do and not involve starving myself or counting and measuring calories. I wanted a easy diet to start with and something I know I can stick with. A lot of diets out there really focused on eating a lot of meat or high fat, and as a vegetarian these were not feasible for me. The South Beach Diet seemed doable, because it focused on ‘good carbs’ as opposed to ‘bad carbs’ and allows eating of ‘good fat’ and not ‘bad fat’.

The diet is focused on 3 phases:
Phase 1 typically lasts for two weeks, but I have done it for upto 4 weeks and go back to phase 1 whenever I need to.
The goal of phase 1 is to eliminate carb cravings, by not eating sugar, processed carbs fruits, and some higher-glycemic vegetables.
You are allowed small portions of dairy, legumes and a lot of vegetables. If you can eat meat and fish you can have lean meats and poultry and fish.

Phase 2 typically lasts until you have reached your desired weight. In this phase you can re-introduce some fruits and some whole grain carbs.

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase where you make this new way of eating your lifestyle.

For complete details of the diet, you should buy the book.

Another motivation for me to go on this diet – was the fact that it involves cooking fresh healthy meals and not eating pre-packaged foods. They have a lot of wonderful cookbooks for SBD.

South Beach Diet Cookbooks

Check out my Phase 1 and Phase 2 Recipes that would inspire you to go on SBD…

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