‘Serve it’ Series

‘Serve it’ – is an event series conceived by me and my best friend Krithi. It is a monthly event focused on a ‘cooking technique’. We usually announce the theme on the first of every month and it goes on until the end of the month.

Here is a glimpse at the themes so far….

May/June 2011 – Serve it Chilled

July 2011 – Serve it Grilled/Barbequed

August 2011 – Serve it Fried

September 2011 – Serve it Steamed

October 2011 – Serve it: Festival Potluck

November 2011 – Serve it: Savory Baked

December 2011 – Serve it: Baked(Sweets)

March 2012 – Serve it: Stir Fried

April 2012 – Serve it: Pressure Cooked/Slow Cooked

May 2012 – Serve it: Preserved

June 2012 – Serve it: Raw

July 2012 – Serve it: Blended

August 2012 – Serve it: Griddled

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