Oven Roasted Cauliflower

Oven roasted cauliflower

After my ‘broccoli bliss’ with my oven roasted broccoli, i got hooked on roasting my vegetables. I’ve made the broccoli recipe three times since my original post. Talk about obsessions! Today, I tried to roast cauliflower, but with an Indian twist. It is quite similar to the broccoli recipe, simple and delicious. Ingredients: 1 large … [Read more…]

Rajma biryani/Rajma chawal/Kidney bean pulav

Rajma briyani

I got so happy about participating in my first food blog event, that I got all excited about more entries to other events. I even picked out my first Mark Bittman recipe to try for IHCC – Its time for Breakfast in Bed event. My recipe was going to be Potato Asparagus frittata, I picked it … [Read more…]

Curry in a hurry – Pasta sauce mushroom masala

Mushroom masala

The missed out my post about my mushroom masala – the mother of the Leftover makeover – mushroom masala burrito, that I posted earlier. I made this quick Mushroom masala to go with Chapatis for my dinner, and it turned out to be a fulfilling one. When you are too tired to chop a lot … [Read more…]

Poosanikai Paruppu kootu

poosanikai paruppu kootu 2

To go with my freezer clean out pulikulambu yesterday, I decided to make poosanikai paruppu kootu. Poosanikai or Ash gourd is a winter melon variety. It belongs to the same family as Musk melon or the Honeydew melon that we find here in the United States. In Tamil cuisine it is most often paired with … [Read more…]

Leftover Makeover – Mushroom Masala Burrito

One of the most compelling reasons for me to start a food blog was seeing so many food blog events going on, that encourage you to try new recipes. I am still in the first few days of starting this blog, and am still working on getting my feet on the ground , but I … [Read more…]

Mochai puli kuzhambu

mochai pulikulambu 2

When I first came to the US, I was kind of skeptical about using frozen veggies. But, the ease of use, no chop benefit and the fact that it saves you from the once in a while empty crisper day makes me stock up. I always have some frozen vegetables on hand, more so than … [Read more…]