Easy tomato kothsu – Side Dish for Idli/Dosa/Pongal

tomato kothsu

I made this tomato kothsu to go with my whole wheat tortillas for lunch today. It is my go-to side dish for chapatis, idly, dosa and sometimes even bread. It’s very flexible and can be made with just about an onion and any number of tomatoes on hand. I had quite a lot of tomatoes, … [Read more…]

Caribbean Channa(Spicy crunchy Oven roasted Garbanzo beans)

Crunchy chickpeas

I missed out on IHCC – It’s time for Bed in Breakfast event last week, because I picked out a recipe and didn’t have an ingredient, but mostly it was also because I didn’t have any books by Mark Bittman on hand to inspire me. So, this week, in preparation I headed to the library … [Read more…]

Muttai poriyal/Scrambled eggs/Egg bhurji

Muttai poriyal

If I was stranded in an island, and was asked to choose one edible item to eat for the rest of my life(vegetable/meat/egg), I would choose ‘egg’. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack, anytime, all the time, prepared any way. I never realized I was so much in love with … [Read more…]

Pork Pepper fry

Pork Pepper Fry

I made this pork pepper fry for lunch yesterday. DH had got some pork the other day, as one of his attempts to try ‘other’ meat. Yeah, he mostly eats chicken and mutton(goat meat), and he prefers them over other meat. But, some days he gets adventurous. I had made this recipe once before and … [Read more…]

Simple Spinach masoor dal

Simple spinach masoor dal

Masoor dal is very rarely used in my kitchen. Infact, I don’t ever remember my mom buying or using it. I guess it was not a very tamilian dal. The first time I saw it was after coming to the US, being sold in the bulk bins in Indian stores. I was surprised to see … [Read more…]

Semiya upma

Semiya upma

This week is probably the first week of ‘summer’ in Seattle. We in the Northwest are probably one of the last places to get good sunny weather, and it was evident how people yearn for such good weather. I shouldn’t complain much, for we didn’t have a bad winter. Compared to other places in the … [Read more…]