2013 – A retrospective

2013 - A retrospective

It’s a wonderful feeling to look back at the past year – looking at all the wonderful blessings you had and the great accomplishments that you achieved. The year 2013 has been a ‘year of happenings’ both on the personal front as well as on the blog side. On a personal note, this year was … Continue Reading

My Legume Love Affair #65 – The Roundup

My Legume Love Affair #65 - The Roundup

It’s amazing how almost every cuisine in the world has a use for legumes, a signature dish that results in mouthwatering flavors. It is equally amazing how an event focusing on legumes has participation from all over the world, and has been a series going for almost 5 years. Here is the lineup of delicious … Continue Reading

Kerala style Kadala curry(Black garbanzo bean curry – Kerala style)

Some of the most traditional foods of India are wholesome in nutrition and even though these foods existed before any knowledge of nutritional benefits, they were designed to aid healthy living. We have turned to new age health foods such as oats, flax etc. having forgotten the benefits of the food eaten by our ancestors. … Continue Reading