Orange Cranberry Almond Overnight Oats

Summer is here, and I mean really here. This year Seattle has seen several days in the 90s even before the 4th of July weekend – which often times is when summer officially starts in Seattle. It is super warm and I have a recipe here that is perfect for the summer days – a … [Read more…]

Mediterranean Tomato Salad

Adding one more to the recipes born out the fresh veggies from our garden. This year, we planted 3 different kinds of cherry tomatoes, in addition to the usual larger tomato varieties. ‘Sweet 100’ red cherry tomatoes, Orange cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes. There has been a steady supply of these little beauties, and … [Read more…]

Zucchini Kofta Curry

Summer is here! And that means, that our garden is in full swing, and I have a bounty of fresh organic vegetables at my disposal. It has been fun cooking with so many fresh veggies, but with so much zucchini it does get too boring. I have made sambar, kootu and zucchini rice, and it … [Read more…]

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

With my resolve to do at least a post a month on my blog, the next recipe I have is “Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies”. This recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart, and has a rich chocolate flavor – from 3 different types of chocolate: melted unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. The cranberries add … [Read more…]

Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan

I’ve finally mustered enough time and settled on writing a post for 2015. For a few months, I had contemplated if I should even be writing a food blog, and I was in search of a reason to really sit down and write a post. I then decided that this is something I never can … [Read more…]

Date Nut Rolls/Khajoor Katri

Blogging Marathon #46: Week 1/Day 3 Theme: Kid Friendly Dishes with Nuts and Legumes Dish: Date Nut Rolls/Khajoor Katri I originally made these as a sweet during the Diwali season. But as I made it, I realized the ingredients in this sweet dish very closely resembled the list of ingredients on a trail mix or … [Read more…]