Date Nut Rolls/Khajoor Katri


Blogging Marathon #46: Week 1/Day 3 Theme: Kid Friendly Dishes with Nuts and Legumes Dish: Date Nut Rolls/Khajoor Katri I originally made these as a sweet during the Diwali season. But as I made it, I realized the ingredients in this sweet dish very closely resembled the list of ingredients on a trail mix or … [Read more…]

Chocolate Cherry Almond Amish Friendship Bread Cake with Home made Pudding mix


This post has been a long time pending. I had recieved a Amish friendship bread starter from one of my friends at office. His wife had been kind enough to share a portion of friendship bread starter with me, and I have made this recipe twice since then. The Amish Friendship bread starter is like … [Read more…]

Peanut Butter Almond Flour Muffins(Low carb/Sugar free/Gluten free/Low fat)


The biggest challenge about following a low carb diet, was to figure out what to have for breakfast. For a vegetarian, eggs are the obvious choice, but even when you try out different variations of eating eggs, it tends to grow old on you at some point, and you start wanting to eat some other … [Read more…]

Food Find: Almond Flour/Almond meal


The Food Find for the month of June is Almond Flour/Almond meal. If you are wondering: “Hey Denny, what is so new about almonds, didn’t you know about them before…” I did, but my ‘aha’ moment was when I discovered that almond flour/almond meal could be used as a substitute for flour(in most cases) in … [Read more…]

Almond Crusted Tofu Parmesan(Low Carb/Gluten free)


Whenever we have to go out for dinner as a family, we have some obvious choices: Olive Garden or PF Changs. And from that you can deduce that Italian is one of our favorite cuisines. It is actually DH’s preference, he says there is something magical about how Italian food is enhanced by the wine … [Read more…]

Almond Energy Blast – A Soy Almond Smoothie

Almond Energy Blast 3

This is a super delicious, super filling, life saver smoothie that has become a staple for breakfast. It is creamy and delicious and at the same time filling and nutritious. Take only a few minutes to whip up together. I had found this recipe in one of the South Beach Diet cookbooks and absolutely fell … [Read more…]