Pesto Genovese – Classic Basil Pesto


Yet another recipe born out of our veggie garden. This is the first year, that I planted basil in our garden. Every year, I’ve tried growing basil from seeds, and for some reason I never had success with it. This year, I got a small basil plant and put it next to our tomato plants … [Read more…]

Cappelletti with Sundried Tomato n Almond Pesto

sundried tomato pesto pasta 1

‘Cappelletti’ are small hat shaped pasta, that is very similar to its stuffed cousin toretlloni. I found it as an interesting shape and picked it up from Costco last week. Thinking of what sauce to toss it in, I remembered I had bookmarked a Sundried Tomato Pesto recipe by Giada. I absolutely love the tartness … [Read more…]

Parsley Basil and Pumpkin Seed Pesto with Pasta

Spinach Pesto Pasta with Peas

‘Pepitas’ is the Spanish term for Pumpkin seeds, which literally means ‘Little seeds of Squash’. Pumpkin seeds are snacked on like peanuts in Mexico and Spain and are also very healthy. Very rich in Vitamin E and certain proteins, they are particularly good for women. I had my eye on making a pesto with pumpkin … [Read more…]