Homemade Strawberry Jam(no pectin)

strawberry jam 4

Jam….the word reminds me of days as a kid, where the only jam we had in India was ‘Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam’. Having it for breakfast with Amul butter was one of the childhood food memories I cherish. It was the ‘meal’ I made for my little brother when my parents where out and I … [Read more…]

Strawberry Shrikhand

Strawberry Shrikhand 1

Shrikhand is a sweetened yogurt dish made with hung yogurt. It is often the sweet dish found in Maharashtrian thalis and not only is it a sweet component, but a very healthy one too. Shrikhand is often served flavored with saffron, and at times fruit flavored variations of shrikhand are also enjoyed. The most popular … [Read more…]

Ricotta Strawberry Breakfast Cakes

strawberry bake3

Like a lot of other food bloggers out there, I am a little cookbook crazy. I read them like I read novels or other works of fiction. Almost every food writer has a story to tell about the food they make, and I always learn something new. I don’t own very many cookbooks though, I … [Read more…]