Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies


After a long break, I am back, with something for the season. I am always a big fan of shortbread cookies, and these shortbread cookies not only have the colors of the season, but taste amazing. This is something I added to the Christmas cookie list last year and I have made it twice mid … [Read more…]

Orange Cranberry Almond Overnight Oats


Summer is here, and I mean really here. This year Seattle has seen several days in the 90s even before the 4th of July weekend – which often times is when summer officially starts in Seattle. It is super warm and I have a recipe here that is perfect for the summer days – a … [Read more…]

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


With my resolve to do at least a post a month on my blog, the next recipe I have is “Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies”. This recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart, and has a rich chocolate flavor – from 3 different types of chocolate: melted unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. The cranberries add … [Read more…]

Cranberry Orange Barley Scones

Cranberry orange scones 5

Ever since I had the scones at the Empress hotel in Victoria, I wanted to make flaky melt in the mouth scones like the ones offered there. I also wanted it to be healthy, and was looking at different recipes. I finally fudged several recipes together to come up with this recipe. It really is … [Read more…]