Almond Flour Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting(Gluten Free/Refined Sugar Free/Low Carb)


Blogging Marathon #45: Week 2/ Day 2 Theme: Muffins/Cakes with Fruits/Vegetables Dish: Almond Flour Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting Yesterday, was started off with Coconut flour Zucchini muffins, and for today I have one of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had – and I am not saying this just because I … [Read more…]

Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound cake


Wishing every one a great 2014!! May this year bring joy and make your dreams come true!! To celebrate the New Year I have a great cake recipe to share with you, a ‘Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound cake’. Almost all cake/baking recipes start with the line, preheat the oven to X degrees. This particular … [Read more…]

Christmas Special Fruit Cake/ Indian style Plum Cake


T’is the season to be jolly…With Thanksgiving done and over with, and stepping into December means only one thing, that Christmas is here. I can see Christmas trees put up in malls and our office, Christmas lights are up in our neighborhood, Eggnog is up on the store shelves and peppermint mocha is sold at … [Read more…]

Chocolate Cherry Almond Amish Friendship Bread Cake with Home made Pudding mix


This post has been a long time pending. I had recieved a Amish friendship bread starter from one of my friends at office. His wife had been kind enough to share a portion of friendship bread starter with me, and I have made this recipe twice since then. The Amish Friendship bread starter is like … [Read more…]

Almond meal Clementine cake(Low carb/Low fat/Sugar free/Gluten free)


I got the opportunity after what seems to be years, to go to the book shop all by myself this week. It’s amazing how the little things in life change after you’ve had a baby. I never thought I would miss going to the movie theater or to the book shop, but I do. With … [Read more…]

Lemon Yogurt Cake

lemon yogurt cake4

I own a few cookbooks and treat them as my prized possessions. I love picking up a cookbook from the shelf on a lazy afternoon and flipping through the pages, fantasize on when and how I would make them. One such day, while leafing through the pages of ‘Barefoot Contessa at Home’ cookbook, I found … [Read more…]