Quinoa Upma – A guest post for Krithi’s Kitchen

quinoa upma 4

I think it has been mentioned so many times in both of our blogs, that it is redundant to mention that Krithi and I are college best friends and have been friends for 13 years now. We also share a love for food and cooking and often times find ourselves chatting about food or topics … [Read more…]

Idli upma

Idly upma 2

If there is one leftover recipe that everyone loves, this is it. I sometimes specifically make extra idlies to make this the next day. There is something about the little pieces of idly coated in the mild spices and combined with the fried onions. I have found that leaving the idlies in the fridge overnight … [Read more…]

Sago Tomato Upma

Sago Tomato Baath

I almost always have used Sago only to make dessert, that too payasam. So, when I wanted to make something for ‘Cooking with Seeds – Sago’ event, I wanted to make something savory. I planned on making sago veg cutlets and soaked the sago for a couple of hours yesterday evening. Unfortunately, the sago I … [Read more…]

Vegetable Rava Upma/Kichadi

Vegetable upma

Among a lot of sweet nothings that goes on the phone calls that go on between you and your fiancee, in an arranged marriage, there are a few unavoidable questions, like, ‘Whats your favorite food’. Its just a subject you bring up – talk for talk’s sake – but you don’t at all expect to … [Read more…]

Semiya upma

Semiya upma

This week is probably the first week of ‘summer’ in Seattle. We in the Northwest are probably one of the last places to get good sunny weather, and it was evident how people yearn for such good weather. I shouldn’t complain much, for we didn’t have a bad winter. Compared to other places in the … [Read more…]