Poori with Potato Masala/Puri Bhaji


Poori is deep fried puffy breads that are my absolute favorite. With being health conscious and all, I never really made them since it involved deep frying of the dough, and the one time I ever tried it, I ended up as flat and brittle – more like papads instead of soft and puffy breads … [Read more…]

Wheat Flour Sweet Paniyaram/Wheat Flour Unniyappam/Wheat Flour Banana Appe


Paniyaram is a dish that has a unique meaning to people in my family. It is almost always associated with memories of my aunt whose favorite dish it was and she being unable to talk, there is a sign she used for paniyaram, asking my grandma to make it for her. I dedicate this post … [Read more…]

Barley Adai


I’ve had success using barley in several dosa recipes before and this time I used barley in combination of lentils to make a healthy crepe called adai. This is a very easy recipe to make, and very nutritious too. This recipe does not use any rice at all. Still the adai turns out crispy just … [Read more…]

Sago Rava Idli(Sabudana Idli/Javvarisi Idli)


I have never been one to make instant idlies or instant dosas, but off late those have become regular features in my kitchen. And, I am amazed at the number of varieties there are available and how easy and tasty these are. This is not so much of an instant recipe, but if you were … [Read more…]

16 bean Multi grain adai


I received a bag of ’16 bean soup mix’ as part of my MLLA win earlier this year. I have been wanting to use this rich mixture of beans in an innovative Indian recipe. I decided to make adai using this, and instead of using just rice, I combined quinoa, barley and brown rice, hence … [Read more…]

Quinoa Idli with Spicy Red Pepper Kuzhambu

quinoa idly 3

Based on the number of hits on ‘OhTastenSee’ – I have deduced that people are searching for and in general also trying out new recipes with the new health rave – ‘Quinoa’. I have mentioned about the health benefits of quinoa in my previous posts on Quinoa upma, Quinoa tomato baath and Quinoa dosa, and … [Read more…]