Kumbakonam Kadappa – Moong dal curry – Side Dish for Idli/Dosa/Idiyappam


Kadappa – I had first tasted this dish at one of my neighbors place as a side dish for idly and I was immediately fell in love with it. Traditionally from Kumbakonam, this dish is not something that is known outside of that area. I had gotten the recipe from my neighbor and scrawled it … [Read more…]

Mor Kuzhambu/South Indian Spiced Buttermilk Curry

If you asked me to list the top 10 dishes that my mom makes that are my absolute favorites, this mor kuzhambu dish will definitely feature as one of them. This is one of the dishes where my mom calls me and says, “I made this today and thought about how you would polish off … [Read more…]

Kaaramani Kathirikkai kuzhambu(Black eyed peas and Eggplant spicy curry)

Kaarmani kuzhambu3

The past few days in Seattle have been so very cold, and we’ve had a misty fog that hung over the city for almost a week. With such a weather, we were longing for something warm and comforting and also hearty and filling. This kuzhambu is a perfect candidate and I made this for our … [Read more…]

Karuvepilai Kara Kuzhambu(Curry leaves spicy gravy)

karuvepilai kuzhambu

Curry leaves or Karuvepilai(tamil) is rarely something that is the star of a dish. Although it adds a beautiful finishing touch to almost all South Indian dishes, it also has an ill fate of being ‘cast away’, as a mere garnish. It is purely edible, quite tasty and also is very healthy. Treat it just … [Read more…]

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu(Lentil dumpling curry)

Paruppu urundai kuzhambu 1

This is another specialty of my grandmas…it tastes so good, that even people who love non vegetarian like my brother, absolutely love it. It tastes very different, where the lentil dumplings are made by grinding soaked dal along with a medley of spices and steamed. The steamed dumplings are then drowned in a curry again … [Read more…]

Vendhaya Keerai Kuzhambu(Methi dal Curry)

Vendhaya keerai kuzhambu 3

Vendhaya Keerai or methi, was not a well known dish in my family, until a lot of people started having diabetes and became more aware of methi being a healthy green that aids in controlling blood sugar in diabetics. I guess it is more a North Indian green as opposed to a South Indian. But, … [Read more…]