Coconut Milk Dal(Lentil Coconut stew)

Coconut milk dal 1

Coconut milk  stew is a traditional dish in Kerala and is usually served with lacy appams for breakfast. It is usually made with vegetables or meat or a combination of both. I very recently had the oppurtunity to savor this wonderful stew and the taste kept lingering in my mouth. I did’nt have enough veggies … [Read more…]

Slow cooker Dal Banjari/Crock Pot Black gram dal | Slow cooker Indian recipes

dal banjari 1

I have never heard of Dal Banjari until I came across the recipe for this in Priya Mitharwal’s blog here. I love whole black urad dal and the creamy texture it renders. But the only dish I had known to make with this is dal makhani. Having been bored with using this ingredient, I was … [Read more…]

T&T: Sindhi Saibhaji

Sindhi Saibhaji

I am very fond of greens..Back home in India, my mom used to get a different variety of keerai every day, and I would be the one to polish my plate. I am always on the lookout for preparing greens in different ways and when I came across the recipe for ‘Saibhaji‘ at ‘Sindhi Rasoi’, … [Read more…]

Kollu Kadayal and Kollu Rasam(Horsegram Dal and Soup)

Kollu Kadayal

Whenever I make something with kollu(horsegram), I remember my grandmother….she was what we now call ‘a passionate foodie’. She would walk everyday to the vegetable vendor and buy fresh vegetables. If a dish needed a certain ingredient, she wouldn’t hesitate to make a trip to the store to get it. Even in her 80s….I used … [Read more…]

Farmer’s Market Find: Purslane Dal(Paruppu Keerai Dal)

Purslane Dal 2

Look what I found at the Farmers Market. If you have never been to your local farmer’s market. Let this post be a beckoning invitation to you. Farmer’s markets are one of my latest pet peeves right now. I make visits almost every summer..but not as regularly as I have been doing lately. You can … [Read more…]

Lauki Dal/Sorakka Pappu/Bottlegourd dal

Lauki Dal

After you’ve been on the road a long time, and had food from fast food joints, you yearn for a comforting home cooked meal. That was our feeling when we came back from our vacation. I made this quick and easy dal to soothe our systems. With a quick side of papad and pickle, this … [Read more…]