I once read a quote: ” We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

The recipes and experiences captured in ‘Oh Taste n See’ are an attempt at just that, to relish the experience and the dish in the present and in retrospection, and along the way inspire people who read this blog as well to cook, eat and taste…

I am Denny: a foodie, a big eater, baker, cook and a recipe hunting girl living in Seattle, WA with my DH and my toddler son. As a frequent visitor on many famous Indian food blogs out there,  one fine day I decided to roll up my sleeves and start a blog myself. I started out with a wordpress blog by the same name, and eventually decided that this love of food, photography and writing is not something I am gonna be giving up anytime soon, and decided to  move to a self hosted blog.

Unlike many other women, who haven’t had experience in the kitchen until they were probably married and started a family, I have been quite experimental in the kitchen from a very early age: from making dosa for my little bro, pizza from eggs(yeah, really!!), to cooking in collaboration with my friends while in college.  The kitchen has been a haven for me – for good times as much as it is for good food and has given me some wonderful memories to cherish.

Moving to the US, has given me the exposure in to World cuisine and has given me the oppurtunity to bake, which I have come to absolutely love. This  blog features mainly Indian food with a focus on South Indian specialties, although not limited to just that. I also try my hand at making recipes fairly healthy and look for healthy variations to regular food, although splurging in to delicacies once in a while. 🙂


Although it was my love of food and writing and actually got me started on this blog, I have now developed an eye and an interest for photography and food styling. Initially I started off with a Point and Shoot camera – Canon Powershot SD400, Digital Elph.

I have very recently upgraded to a Nikon D7000 DSLR with two lenses: Nikon 50mm 1.8f and Tamaron 18-270mm.  Although most photographs here are  by me, my DH also steps in these days, as we are both experimenting and learning how to use the DSLR and the nuances of the two lenses.


All Content and Pictures on this Site are the Copyright of OhTastenSee.com©2011. Please do not reproduce the content or photographs without prior written permission .

Contact Me

If you have any feedback on the recipes printed here, the photographs or the website itself, or if you just wanna say Hi…please feel free to leave a comment here. You can also email me at ohtastenseeblog@gmail.com.

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