2013 – A retrospective

It’s a wonderful feeling to look back at the past year – looking at all the wonderful blessings you had and the great accomplishments that you achieved. The year 2013 has been a ‘year of happenings’ both on the personal front as well as on the blog side. On a personal note, this year was the birth of my second child, a little bundle of joy. Added to it, was time off from work, visit from my parents and in laws, visits from my brother and a wonderful and memorable trip to India.

On the blog side, this year I have added 55 new posts this year, which is more than what I had done last year. Given, the variables and churn I had this year, I am surprised at myself for having done this many posts and to have grown the number of posts on ‘Oh Taste n See’ to 464 posts. Looking back at the posts I have done, I track my journey through a difficult pregnancy with gestational diabetes, which is reflected in a large number of healthy/diet posts, in addition to several traditional recipes interspersed here and there.

Highlights of the Year 2013

Most Visited Posts of 2013

I was surprised to find that the most visited posts of 2013 was a simple recipe that I had thought twice of even posting on the blog. Nonetheless it is one of my most favorite recipes that my mom makes and I am happy that other people feel the same way about this dish as I do.

Mor Kuzhambu/South Indian Spiced Buttermilk Curry


The second most visited post, is in stark contrast with the first one, as it is an unconventional recipe, using tofu in a dessert – but still a delicious and super easy recipe to make. This encourages me into trying out healthy variations of well known dishes and confirms that people do want to see more such healthy recipes on my blog.

Silken tofu chocolate pudding


The third top visited post of the year, confirms the success of my food find series, and was the first food find post this year. It was one that I was skeptical to try, but something that helped me get through some rough phases in my diet, and later became a regular feature in my kitchen.

Shirataki Noodle/Miracle Noodle Stir Fry

shirataki noodle stir fry 2

Top Search Engine Terms 2013

The top search engine terms of the year indicate what drives people to Oh Taste n See. It ties in with Oh Taste n See catering to both healthy innovative recipes as well as traditional ones. The top 5 search engine terms of the year are:

  • Black bean brownies
  • strawberry jam without pectin
  • mor kuzhambu
  • roasted kale
  • mor kulambu

Most Commented Post of 2013

Posted as part of the Blogging Marathon theme Meatless Dishes, this was a favorite for blogging marathoners as well as readers alike.

 Pepper Mushroom fry/Milagu Kaalan Varuval


Most Pinned Post of 2013

The oven roasted Kale recipe was a simple recipe, and one of my favorite ways of trying a vegetable: oven roasting. The photographs turned out really well which is probably why it is the most pinned post of this year.
Oven roasted kale

Kale chips


Personal Favorites

It is hard to pick personal favorites out of 55 posts done this year, and so to help me narrow it down, I have picked one recipe that I loved to make and one that I loved to photograph. The recipe I loved to make, was the 16 bean pulav/biryani. You know how to dream about making a dish…this dish was one such dish, and it turned out even better than I imagined it to be.


The one below is not the best photograph of the year, rather is something I enjoyed photographing, playing with different shots and styles, and different lenses on my camera. It is Kaara Pori/Spicy puffed rice.

Looking ahead at 2014
I am planning to continue the trend of having healthy recipes interspersed with traditional recipes in 2014. The year is starting out in a challenging way, with me trying to find the time for blogging, but knowing me, I know I will pull through and make time for it. My goal is not too big, but to at least have 60 posts in 2014, with beautiful stunning photographs that make you want to eat the screen.. 😛

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