Nutella Iced Coffee/ Mocha Frappuccino


Blogging Marathon #31: Week 2/ Day 3
Theme: Members Choice – Coffee Variations
Dish: Nutella Iced Coffee/Mocha Frappuccino

Summer here is in full swing, and it means sunshine until 9 PM everyday. This means that you need all the energy to have outdoor fun, for as long as the sun shines. What better way to intake caffeine than in a cold coffee drink to keep you going all day. I can’t imagine how much my husband and I have spent on cold coffee drinks at Starbucks this summer. I absolutely love their Mocha frappuccino, as I love the flavors of chocolate and coffee together. Now, I have found a way to replicate this icy cold coffee drink at home, with an ingredient I love: Nutella.


Nutella – is an amazing creamy chocolate spread made with hazelnuts, milk powder and cocoa powder that I love to use as a spread with toast, but it really helps add a chocolatey dimension to the mocha frappuccino. If you love hazelnut flavored coffee or chocolate flavored mocha drinks then this drink is for you. I am posting this incredibly delicious and easy drink as my final post for this month’s Blogging Marathon under the theme ‘Members choice’.
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2 cups chilled 1% milk
2 tsp instant coffee
3 tbsp Nutella
2 tsp sugar(to taste)
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup ice cubes


For Nutella Iced Coffee: Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour into glasses filled with ice and enjoy!

For Mocha Frappucino: Add the ice in the blender first and crush the ice. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend for a frosty delight.


Verdict: Cold and energizing for a hot summer day! A perfect balance of chocolate and coffee flavors, creamy and delicious!

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  1. OMG, should I confess that you have me drooling all over here?..Those glasses are so sinful to even look at!..very nice send these to my Summer Mela as well..thanks..

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