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Living in the Pacific Northwest has had us privy to greenery around us all the time. But in spring and summer, I always look forward to two of my most favorite things about living in this area: The Tulip Festival in April and the Lavender Festival in July. We always make sure we go see the tulips in bloom in April, and it has become sort of a tradition. We most often have visitors who we take to see the tulips every year and even otherwise we make sure we don’t miss the pretty blooms. I have always wanted to share my pics of the tulips on Oh Taste n See and somehow never gotten to do it. I will share next year’s pics here, but sticking to what is in season, here are pics of the Sequim Lavender Festival that is usually held in July every year.


I had always loved lavender flavored powders and perfumes back in India, and it was one of my favorite colors too. But I never realized what the flower and the plant looked like until I came here to live in Seattle. I was even disappointed in smelling the flowers to realize it didn’t have the strong lavender smell that I am used to only in cosmetic items, but was fairly mild. It was only after visiting the Lavender festival did I realize that the Lavender oil is released only when you crush the flowers and that is when the maximum aroma is released. It was a trip that led to a lot of ‘Lavender Revelations’. 🙂


We started our visit with going to the visitor center in Sequim and picking up a map of all the Lavender farms in the vicinity. We then toured each of the farms and they all had something unique to offer. All of them offered picking your own lavender and although I have a lavender bush at home, and have seen many here, the sheer abundance of the blooms blows your mind away. It is amazing how the bees love these flowers, and most farms grow bees to make lavender honey. It is truly a miracle at how the flavor and aroma of the flowers is retained in the honey from the bees.


The farms also had shops where you could also buy lavender honey, home made dried lavender bouquets, lavender and goat milk soaps, lavender scented lotions, creams and cosmetics etc.There was also a Holiday bazaar that offered some of the most unique and original art I have ever seen, amazing photographs of the Cascades, wood carvings, handmade dinnerware and china, hand blown glass etc. From a culinary perspective, there was lavender flavored everything, from lemonade to ice cream, pies, cakes etc. I tried the lavender lemonade and loved it.

Lavender goodies

To take home as souvenirs, I got myself a pretty little lavender bouquet, some culinary dried lavender and some goat milk lavender soap for my son’s eczema. All in all, it was an experience to cherish. Looking forward to put my culinary lavender to good use soon. 🙂 Stay tuned for Lavender recipes. 🙂

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  1. San

    Beautiful lavenders… Loved the post and got stuck on goat milk lavender soap for eczema.My son too have it and wondering what do you use to control it..My son is 6 months old.

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