Announcing Serve it Series – Serve it: Stir Fried

We are finally ready with the next theme for Serve it Series..It’s ‘Serve it – Stir Fried’. Thanks to all for a great support to the Serve it Series so far. Stir Fried is a quick cooking technique that is used in several cuisines. It results in a lot of flavor, while maintaining the color and nutrition of the ingredients where using less fat compared to deep frying options. Stir frying usually requires a larger cooking surface, so that the ingredients are allowed to have contact with the hot cooking surface – allowing quick cooking. This is why, woks or kadais are most often used for this.

A few tips for Stir Frying foods:
* Cut all vegetables to equal size, so that food cooks evenly. Cut vegetables such that it allows maximum surface exposure to the wok/pan. ie. julienne cut veggies in chinese stir frys.
* Wash and drain veggies prior to stir fry. Blot with paper towels to remove moisture – so as to allow stir frying and not steaming the veggies.
* Before adding any ingredients season the oil to add flavor to your stir fry.
* If stir frying meat, add the meat first – then followed by the vegetables.
* Add pre-cooked starch last: i.e. rice or noodles

Now that you are armed with tips, lets get the stir fry on!

Here are the guidelines for the event:
1. You may send in any entry that is only stir-fried in a pan, wok/kadai. The major part of the cooking should be stir-frying. Gravies, Curries (non-dry), Kulambus etc do not comply to stir-frying.
2. Both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian entries are allowed.
3. Please link back to this announcement page and also to Krithi’s page here.
4. New entries are appreciated, however if you are sending archived entries, please re-post as latest (with a date in March 2012) and update with both the links to the announcement page and logo.
5. Usage of links and logo is mandatory.
6. Last date for submission of your entries is March 31 2012.
7. To send in your entries, just link your entries using the below linky tool.
8. Non-bloggers also can send their entries with a picture to the below email-id.
9. If you have a problem in linking email us your problem to serveit[dot]series[at]gmail[dot]com. We will try to resolve it.
Please note that if the entries are inappropriate to the theme we would have to remove the entries from the linky sans notification. If there are other issues like link or logo missing we would definitely notify through email.

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