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This is my first post for the year. Although its late – Happy new year everyone! Hope this year has been great for you all..I know I have  been gone for a couple of months at least now. Life has been crazy after our vacation in India – from everything to family being sick, getting caught up with work, snowstorms in Seattle and the likes. While blogging has always been in the back of my mind, I could never get to it. I’ve been wanting to do a post to share with you my ‘MLLA Winnings‘ and thank Susan for the wonderful items I received from her, not to mention the package from Hurst beans.

When I returned from India, jetlagged, tired and hungry…I was welcomed by two little packages and the doorstep. I had no clue as to what it was, too tired to probably read the package labels, but then I went ahead and opened them. They were the MLLA prizes I had won. It brought a great big smile and was my perfect comeback present.

Here is the list of goodies I recieved:

1. Food Lovers Companion  – this book is a wonderful encyclopedia about everything you need to know about cooking. From ingredients to cooking techniques, this is a great reference to have on hand. Its like a foodie dictionary.

2. Field Guide to Herbs and Spices – is not only a wonderful guide to everything herbs and spices..but I love the way it is organized. There is a recipe given to try out a herb or a spice and although I haven’t gotten to trying anything yet, I have bookmarked several that you will see show in the very near future on OhTastenSee.

3. Microfiber Wonder Cloths – this was a surprise gift from Susan. She commented that she found them so useful and are great to use. I love the pretty pastel colors they came in. I don’t know if I will use them for cleaning though, it may be used as a pretty prop in some of my phtoos. Maybe..

4. The Hurst bean box – with 6 packs of different types of beans.

The Hurst Bean box contained:

1. Pinto Beans

2. Cajun 15 bean soup

3. Chili 15 bean soup

4. Yellow eye beans

5. Confetti Lentil Supreme

6. Vegetarian 15 bean soup

7. Coconut flavored Pink lentils

You don’t see all of them in the picture because I had used up the Coconut flavored pink lentils and had shard the Vegetarian 15 bean soup with my best friend Krithi of KrithisKitchen.

Once again a big ‘Thank you’ Susan…

OhTastenSee is going to be back in business. I am going to try to post as consistently as I can, especially on a new change of lifestyle I have undertaken, which has altered my cooking style. It still means yummy cooking though. Stay tuned for more info.

‘ServeIt’ – the event series that Krithi and I co-host is temporarily on hold, since Krithi and I have both been busy. We hope to resurrect it – and we will make the announcement on the theme for March very soon. Stay tuned for updates on that as well.


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