Grilled Broccoli Cheese Sandwich

It has been quite a while since I posted, and I am extremely thankful for the regular visitors to my space. I am buried in work and also am involved in moving to a new home, which has left me with barely enough time to cook and put a meal on the table, and so blogging has sort of taken a back seat. I do have a few drafts that have been sitting with me for a while, so I promise to post them, although not regularly.

This post is owed to my selection to take the Sargento Taste Test as part of the Foodbuzz TasteMaker program. I was offered to sample Sargento’s cheese varieties and compare the ‘real cheese’ that they offer to other brands. Now, the only cheese that I had ever tasted before I actually came to the United States, was an Indian brand called Amul cheese, a creamy super salty cheese , that I believe was similar to a Swiss cheese variety. I wasn’t aware that there were so many different kinds of cheeses too. Although I have grown to like it(who doesn’t like cheese), this taste test has been an incredible experience to learn about cheese, and sort of become an amateur fromagier.

When I had signed up to do this, I knew I had to make something that featured cheese. I didn’t pick a recipe at the time, but I had made up my mind on two conditions, it would be a recipe that would help savor melty gooey cheese and it would be with a variety of cheese I hadn’t cooked with before. As, I went shopping ‘Colby Jack’ cheese caught my eye. I came back and read about it and figured it was a milder taste compared to cheddar and I decided to use it to make ‘Grilled broccoli cheese sandwiches’. I love Broccoli cheddar soup and wanted to capture the same flavors in a sandwich, and it is quite an easy recipe to make too.

I compared the taste of the Colby Jack to a slice of ‘American’ cheese, and these are some of the differences I noted. Where the grilled cheese sandwich made with the colby melted and was stringy and gooey when seperated, the American cheese(btw, I learnt there is no such variety as American. 🙂 ), was sortof goopy and formed a pool of yellow melted mass on top of the bread. I definitely liked the taste of the colby, and am planning to use it very soon on a breakfast sandwich.

2 slices 7 grain bread
2 slices of Colby Jack cheese
1/4 cup of chopped broccoli
pinch of salt
1 tsp butter

Steam the chopped broccoli florets and set aside. Don’t boil them, or they will retain too much water.

Take a slice of bread and place a slice of cheese on it. Top with the broccoli florets and another slice of cheese. Close with another slice of bread. Apply about 1/2 tsp of butter on the top slice. Heat a pan over medium high heat and place the sandwich buttered side down. Weigh it with a heavy pan(I used my crockpot to weigh it down.). When the sandwich is golden brown, remove the weight, butter the top side. Flip an let brown. Remove, Cut down middle. Marvel at the gooey cheese that peaks at you, wait for it, or you would burn your tongue. Take a deep breath and devour the cheesy goodness!

Verdict: This is one of the best recipes I have come up with, the broccoli in the sandwich doesn’t make you guilty in making another one. The cheese is low fat anyway and the 7 grain bread was nutty and crunchy and was perfect to sandwich the gooey cheese. Very healthy too.

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  1. Looks so yummy. I am surely going to try this recipe, that would be one nice to way to make my little one eat Broccoli by hiding it in cheese and its very nutritious too…

  2. I just logged in to your website, to check out the Events calender and lo!, here I am, couldn’t take my eyes off the sandwich, ”Broccoli” that’s what caught my eye!, love this and I am certainly going to make it, as my kids love cheese and multigrain bread, but i love Broccoli :), so we are all satisfied!, lovely clicks yaar

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