Announcing Serve it – Steamed

Thanks to everyone who participated in Serve it – Fried and made it a grand success. We have 117 entries total – with a large variety of fried delicacies – from fried panckaes for breakfast to fried appetizers and fried sweets. Do check it out here, if you haven’t already.

For this month’s theme –Krithi and I have chosen ‘Steamed’, another favorite method of cooking – which is prevalent in almost every cuisine in the world. It is a very healthy method of cooking where this is no use of fat. A lot of the modern diet plans recommend eating steam cooked foods and we are seeing that it is gaining popularity these days, from microwave – steam cooked – ready to eat meals being available on the market. Why buy ready made or go on a diet to eat steamed food, when it is the easiest and the most healthiest way to eat, with very less effort. No kidding, but it is as easy as ‘boiling water’. 🙂

So, why wait, get your steamer on and submit the entries below.
Here are the guidelines for the event:
1. You may send in any entry that has been ‘Steamed’.
2. Both Vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian entries are welcome. Although, No Beef/Pork/Alcohol please.
3. Please link back to this announcement page and also to Krithi’s page.
4. New entries are appreciated, however if you are sending archived entries, please re-post as latest (with a date in September 2011) and update with both the links to the announcement page and logo.
5. Usage of logo is mandatory.
6. Last date for submission of your entries is September 30, 2011
7. To send in your entries, just link your entries using the below linky tool.
8. Non-bloggers also can send their entries with a picture to the below email-id.
9. If you have a problem in linking email us your problem to serveit[dot]series[at]gmail[dot]com. We will try to resolve it.

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