Banana chocolate chip icecream

There are some dishes that you never think you should attempt making at home…For a lot of people it is icecream. For most people it is the fact that they don’t own ice cream makers and think that it is not possible. Actually, almost every icecream recipe you see out there is adaptable to be made without an icecream maker. It was only after I came here to the US, that I learned of a gadget called ‘icecream maker’.

Back in India, my mom and my aunts used to make icecreams at home, with nothing but a blender. Icecreams, atleast when I was a kid, were not a common thing that you could just pick up in a store, and was a special occassion treat, or when the icecream man came selling them on a bicycle/tricycle. And most times, my mom was skeptical of the artificial flavors and colors in the street sold icecreams. So, when we went to my grandparents house in the village for summer holidays, my mom and aunts would make use of the fresh milk we get from the cows in the farm, to make icecream. Those were made by making a custard out of milk and eggs and set in the freezer, then it was churned in a blender atleast 3 times, to break up the ice crystals and yield a soft serve texture.

This icecream, takes out even those hassles. It is probably the easiest icecream recipe you will ever see, plus it is so adaptable. All you need is bananas, and you’ve got an icecream in minutes. I have come across recipes for this, in multiple blogs: The kitchn and Craving chronicles. I have added honey, thus making this a sugar free icecream. You can make it completely vegan and replace the cream with peanut butter. But as is, this recipe is eggless and nut free – great for moms looking to feed their kids with allergies.

2 bananas
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp cream
2 tbsp chocolate chips + 1 tbsp for chocolate sauce

Slice the bananas, place them on a tray and freeze for upto 4 hours or overnight. If frozen longer than that, the banans tend to blacken, so I wouldn’t freeze them more than that. Place the frozen bananas, vanilla, honey and blend until the bananas are finely pureed. Slowly drizzle the cream through the top of the blender jar. You should see the icecream is now of softserve stage. Remove using a rubber spatula. Stir in with a fork. Serve as is, or freeze again and scoop into a bowl or cones.

I made a quick chocolate sauce by microwaving 1 tbsp of chocolate chips and thinning it out with about a tsp of cream. Drizzled it over the icecream for extra chocolaty flavor.

Verdict: This was perfectly sweet and decadent. Perfectly satisfies the craving for icecream and to feel good that it is fruity – not fatty, sweet but not sugary – makes you reach for another cone. Summer cravings satisfied! Kids love it too..

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  1. That looks like a real treat…. icecream without eggs or nuts is a real blessing for kids and adults 🙂 thanks for sending it for the event dear:)

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