Tried and Tasted: Taste of Pearl City – The Roundup

Everyone who is a good cook would be interested in learning new recipes and experimenting with new dishes. The same goes with food bloggers, as much as you love being a food blogger, you would have to be someone who loves reading other food blogs. The ‘Tried and Tasted’ event is based on honoring this shared love food bloggers have for trying new recipes and as a token of appreciation we can pass on to our fellow bloggers. I have to say that this edition of T&T which focused on ‘Taste of Pearl City’ was a great opportunity to do just that.

Here are the many inspirations that took form to tantalize the taste buds of our fellow food bloggers:

1. Vanessa of Sweet Artichoke has sent Quick Polenta Idli inspired by Umm’s Polenta idli.

Quick Polenta Idli

2. Priya Sreeram of Bon Appetit send us the famous Garlic Rolls that were inspired by what Umm called out to be one of the best recipes ever posted in 2010 by her here.

Garlic Rolls

3. Aysha of SchmetterlingWords was also inspired by the same recipe, and her interpretation can be found here.

Garlic Rolls

4. Jayasri of SamayalArai has sent two entries. Bulgur wheat and polenta idli, from Umm’s post here.

Polenta Bulgur Wheat Idli

5. and a vegetarian version of the Vada curry, that Umm had made with meat.

Soy mince vada curry

6. Ila of Cookery Point has sent us Broccoli Rice, inspired by Umm’s healthy post here.

Broccoli Rice

7. Krithika, my dearest friend of Krithis Kitchen has sent in Avocado Kulipaniyaram, inspired by the recipe here.

Avocado Kuli Paniyaram

8. Swetha of Our Cherished World has sent in Curry Leaf Chicken, inspired by Umm’s emerald curry here.

Curry Leaf Chicken

9. Ambereen of Simply Sweet n Savory has sent in Mini Carrot Coconut Cakes inspired by the Mini Carrot Cone cakes that Umm had made.

Mini Carrot Coconut cake

10. Finally, my entries to this event: Celery Cilantro Oats Idli from here and

Celery Cilantro Oats Idli

11. Karupatti Oats Paniyaram from here

Karupatti oats paniyaram

Once again thanks to Lakshmi for giving me the opportunity and for everyone who have sent their entries.

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