Flax Peanut Ladoo

This peanut ladoo is a signature dish of my mom’s sister – ‘Victor chithi’. Whenever we go on trips, she made this ladoo as it sustains you for a very long time without making you hungry. You may call it the ‘energy bar’ of the olden days. It is filled with goodies such as peanuts, sesame seeds and jaggery and reminds you of all the tastes you would experience in a trail mix, actually it is much tastier than trailmix. 🙂 I have added some flax to this mixture to add fiber to it and make it more healthy. I have also substituted palm jaggery/black jaggery for sweetness, cardamom to add fragrance and to aid in digestion.

1/2 cup skinless peanuts
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp flax seeds
2 cardamom pods
3/4 cup grated karupatti/palm jaggery/black jaggery
pinch of salt

In a pan over medium heat, roast the peanuts until fragrant and slightly golden. Remove and set to cool. In the same pan roast the sesame seeds, flax seeds and cardamom pods until they are toasted. Add the toasted seeds and the peanuts into you mixer jar. All the components should not be hot, but still a bit warm. Pulse this, until you get a coarse powder. Now add the grated jaggery and pulse again. Grind it with the pinch of salt until it all comes together. Make a fist out of this mixture, if it holds its shape it is of right consistency.

Remove this onto a plate. Make tight laddoos out of this mixture. You will not need any liquid to bind these laddoos as the oils from the flax, peanuts and sesame seeds along with the stickiness from the jaggery is enough to hold these together. Make tight golf sized balls of the mixture. Store in an airtight container for about a week, or refrigerated for a month.

Verdict: Super nutty, fragrant, sweet and tasty. This is not only a mouthwatering evening snack, but also a healthy one. You could even consider having one of these for breakfast as it has fiber from the flax, good fat from the sesame seeds, protein from the peanuts and sugar to keep you going through the day.

Sending this to ‘CWS – Flax Seeds‘, event series by Priya and to ‘Dish Name starts with F’ event.

Also sending this to ‘My Legume Love Affair #28’, Susan’s monthly event that showcases legumes and to ‘Food Palette – Brown’ event.

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