Cabbage soya kheema(cabbage and soya mince masala)

This dish is a signature dish of my mom’s. I have never seen anyone else actually make it the same way and whenever I serve this to guests, they get mildly surprised that it is a vegan dish. I even had a friend, who doesn’t eat vegetables, if he had his own free will(he’s married…so its not something that is a good possibility. 🙂 ) tell me that he would eat this, coss it feels like you are eating meat, but you actually are eating vegetable.

Enough said, the dish is a mixture of chopped cabbage and shredded soy chunks in a spicy coconut masala. You may make it dry or as a curry. The curry goes well with rotis and chapatis whereas the dry goes well with pulavs and other rice dishes.

1/2 head of cabbage, coarsely chopped
1 onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 cup soy chunks
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp Madras curry powder (or garam masala)
2 tsp canola oil
a sprig of curry leaves
salt to taste
chopped cilantro for garnish

To grind:
1/4 cup grated coconut
1 tsp fennel seeds
5 red chillies

Soak the soy chunks in hot water and keep it covered for about 15-20 minutes, until rehydrated and the water turns lukewarm. Squeeze the soy chunks out of the water and place in a blender/food processor. Pulse 3-4 times until the soy chunks become a coarse mince. Set aside.

In the same blender(its ok if some bits and pieces are stuck to the blender), grind the ingredients under ‘for paste’ to a homogenous mixture. If for a dry curry, make a dry mixture without adding any water. If making it as a curry, add water and make into a paste.

Shred the cabbage and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan over medium high heat. Add the onions and curry leaves. Saute until golden brown. Add the ginger garlic paste, turmeric and salt. Saute until the oil separates out. Add the tomatoes and cook until soft and the moisture evaporates. Now add the cabbage and saute. Take care not to burn the cabbage or overcook it. When the cabbage is cooked, but still crisp, add in the minced soy and the ground paste. Add the garam masala and cook until it all comes together. If making a curry out of it, you can add a half cup of water and bring to a boil at this point. Sprinkle the cilantro leaves and serve hot!

Verdict: This really tastes like a meat curry…the cabbage adds a nice bite and body to the curry. I usually make it dry and eat it as is, it is so delicious. This is one of my favorite curries and beats any meat based kheema dish that you would get at restaurants.

Sending this to ‘My Legume Love Affair #28’, Susan’s monthly event that showcases legumes.

Also sending this to ‘Fast food – Not Fat food’ Event.

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