Butternut Squash Paratha

This is the outcome of leftover ‘curried butternut squash’ soup. Whenever I have leftover veggies…that don’t I can’t sell to be eaten again…I try and conceal it. The best way to do that is in parathas/chapatis/rotis. This post is not so much a recipe, but more of an idea or an inspiration.

3 cups whole wheat chapati flour
leftover butternut squash soup
salt a pinch

Make a soft and pliable dough using the ingredients listed above. Let is rest, covered for about 30 minutes. Divide into golf sized balls. Roll out into thin discs and cook on a griddle. Flip and cook the other side. Serve with curry of choice.

Verdict: I served mine withe an peshawari chole(recipe to follow). The paratha was extremely soft. Since the soup had butter, I didn’t even add any oil while cooking the parathas and it still stayed tender.

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