Meat ball Saga I – Spicy Fried Meat balls

My husband liked the meatballs we had in one of our potlucks, and mentioned how tasty it was. I never cook beef, let alone make meatballs from scratch. But, I decided I would venture this realm too…Actually, the exact words were: “heck, I am blogging about food….why would I not try it?” 😀 hehe.

So, I made it and it turned out quite good. DH being the only meat eater in the house..I ended up making quite a lot, inspite of me picking out the smallest pack of ground meat from the grocery store. Fear not when the freezer’s there. :), true to it I froze the remaining meatballs in two little packages. Hence the name ‘Meat ball Saga I’, which also means that there are more meatball recipes to come in the future.:)

There are a few things I learnt about meat too. Number one, being how fatty beef is..meaning the amount of fat rendered from the meat. This is my first time cooking with ‘lean’ meat, and pardon my ignorance. Now I know what ‘extra lean’ means. Next time I am gonna get that. Number two, how fast it cooks. I was surprised..that I didn’t have to pressure cook the meat. Maybe it was because it was ground..but still, I made it in a jiffy.

1 lb lean ground beef
1 onion, chopped
2 green chillies
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1/2 cup cilantro
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1/2 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp black pepper
salt to taste
1 large egg
1/2 – 1 cup bread crumbs
oil to deep fry

In a nonstick pan over medium heat, add the onion, chopped green chillies, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, chilli powder, whole black pepper and salt for about 5 minutes. Drain the rendered fat off.

Cool and transfer to a food processor and add the egg, cilantro and a quarter cup of breadcrumbs. Pulse until it comes together. Add more breadcrumbs as necessary. Take care not to overprocess. Divide the mixture into small balls. This made about 30 meatballs for me.

If planning to freeze meatballs, you can do that at this point. Place the balls in a parchment lined baking sheet and put in the freezer until it turns hard about 3 hours. Transfer it to ziptop bags where you can store it for about 3 months.

Heat the oil in a large wok over medium high heat to fry the meatballs. Deep fry the meatballs until they turn golden brown. Drain on paper towels, serve as an appetizer on a bed of lettuce.

Verdict: Crispy and spicy…this made for a great cocktail appetizer. Something that was very different from the store bought meatball. Very indian too. 🙂

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