Tofruity Smoothie

I had never thought of adding tofu to a smoothie, but I had read about it in multiple places, and I wondered how it would taste. I made this smoothie this morning for my husband.(He still doesn’t know that it has tofu in it. 🙂 ) I tasted it, and if I didn’t know I added tofu, I would’nt know it had tofu in it. This is a protein rich smoothie which has vitamin C and calcium and to top it off, it tastes wonderful.


One banana sliced

6 whole strawberries

1/4 of a 7 oz block of tofu

1 tsp sugar

1/2 cup of milk


Add all the ingredients into a blender and whir!

I used an overripe banana that I had frozen before and used extra firm tofu. Soft tofu would be best, but any texture is ok since you are gonna be blending it.

Verdict: It tasted sweet and simple and made a wholesome breakfast. With a smile on my face I asked ‘How is the smoothie?’ He said, “it tastes really sweet today..”. 🙂 Yeah, coss its got TOFU….

This goes to the ‘Show me your Smoothie’ event hosted at Divya’s Dil Se. I am also sending in my ‘Honeyberry Smoothie’ that I had posted earlier.

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