Sukku Kuzhambu/Dried ginger kuzhambu

Have you ever had these colds, when you are ready to do just about anything to get rid of it? It was one of these colds, that I had. Hmm….when was that?Probably a year back, or even more..I don’t remember. Everyone I knew, who saw me, started giving me these home remedies to try and relieve me from this incessant virus. One of these was the recipe for ‘Sukku malli kashayam’. And, what do you do when you need an ingredient ASAP? Rain or cold, wind or storm, you send dear old hubby to the Indian store in quest of this ultimate cure..And he comes back with this huge packet of ‘Dried ginger’ or sukku. You make the sukku malli kashayam, and lo and behold the cold is gone.

‘Treated cold lasts just 1 week, whereas untreated it lasts 7 days’ 🙂 Cold gone…and many days past, or about a year past, the big bag of sukku lies in the pantry, wishing you to get the nasty cold again, where alas it might get some use. But, all is well for me and not so much for the poor bag of sukku. 🙂

And one fine day, Nupur announces the “Blog Bites4 – Whats lurking in the kitchen” event, that causes me to finally pick the packet of sukku and look to other blogs for inspiration. Thanks to Priya and her beautiful recipe for Sukku kuzhambu, it finally gets put to use, and a delicious use too. I did some slight modifications to Priya’s recipe.


1/4 cup sukku or dried ginger

6 small onions, whole

1 American shallot chopped

1 tomato chopped

1/2 head of garlic peeled

1/2 tsp chilli powder

golf ball sized tamarind, extracted into 2 cups water



1/4 cup gingelly oil

1/2 tsp mustard

1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds

curry leaves

To grind:

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp pepper

2 tsp coriander seeds


Priya suggested using a large piece of sukku, but the ones I had were all very small..I wasn’t sure of how many to add, and I was scared that I would make a mistake by adding too much. So, I took 1/4 cup of sukku, dry roasted it until a little brown and fragrant and powdered it seperately.

Then I dry roasted the other ingredients under to grind, and grinded it seperately to a fine powder.

Heat oil in a pan, season it with the mustard. When it splutters add the fenugreek and curry leaves. Then add the chopped shallot, whole onions and garlic and fry until softened. Add the tomatoes and salt and fry until softened. Add the tamarind extract, chilli powder, ground powder and 1 1/2 tbsp of the sukku powder. Simmer the gravy until thickened and oil floats to the top. Serve hot with steaming hot rice and an extra drizzle of gingelly oil.

Verdict: The kuzhambu was spicy and tangy and had a warming sensation in the throat. I enjoyed the tamarind soaked shallots and garlic with curd rice too. I still have more sukku to last me for another year, and some leftover sukku powder, so this kuzhambu is going to be featured in my kitchen frequently from now on. Thanks Priya and Nupur.

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  1. Sowri Rajan

    Thank you for giving this superb recipe. I am staying alone in Dubai and keep looking for good recipes. I tried your recipe and it turned out to be too good.
    I will keep trying out other recipes too.
    Thanks a lot once again

  2. This looks completely mouth-watering- thank you for the delicious entry! If you unearth more treasures, feel free to send in more entries 🙂

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