Pancake Paniyaram

I always wonder about how food transcends borders. It makes you feel like you are all one, no matter what, and if you get down to the basics like ‘food’, its really simple.  And as much as there are differences there are similarities.

Sorry, about starting out on such a philosophical note…but I just couldn’t help it. 🙂 Now getting to the source of the philosophy, it is the similarity between our very own paniyaram and the danish aebelskiver.I first saw this pan at Williams Sonoma, and thought – Wow..they sell paniyaram pan. I looked at the name and could hardly pronounce it.

Aebelskiver – (prononunce ay-bel-ski-ver) are traditional danish pastries, similar in texture to the American pancake. They literally mean ‘Apple Slices’ in Danish. They are made in the traditional aebelskiver pan which is a cast iron pan with little indentations designed to hold these little round puffy pancakes – well, paniyarams. 🙂 True to its name, the aebelskiver mostly has a slice of apple stuffed inside of it, or some applesauce. But, you can stuff them with almost anything you want, and make them either sweet or savory.

They have become quite popular here in the United States although by many other names such as Pancake Puffs, Filled Pancakes, Stuffed Pancakes etc. and you can find the pan almost anywhere you get pots and pans, like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target etc. So, if you love paniyaram and have missed bringing your pan from India, order an aebelskiver pan and enjoy!

I have been wanting to try this for a long time, but I could’nt. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast last Sunday and I had some pancake batter left out. I just used a pancake mix and followed the package instructions to make the batter. I hate throwing out things, and so I just set the leftover batter in the fridge. My husband calls it as delaying the process of throwing out, coss I end up throwing it out anyway. But, this time he was wrong. I poured the pancake batter into my paniyaram pan to make these cute little paniyarams for an evening snack. No recipe here, but I just wanted to share it…

I am planning on trying a traditional aebelskiver recipe very soon…but this look alike tasted great too…:)

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