Z Tejas – Southwestern grill – Restaurant review

When my cousin visited me for this Memorial Day weekend, the weather here was at its ultimate worst. I felt guilty for having him play on the PS3 all day, and not go out. In an attempt to make it up, we all went out for dinner.

He wanted to try something different and we went to Z Tejas at the Bellevue Square Mall. I told him it was a South Western Grill, and he said, is’nt that just Mexican food?

That got me into thinking…what exactly is South Western food…Well, its a fusion of foods that were eaten by Native Americans, Mexicans and Spanish Settlers.

I have been to Z Tejas, several times before and I love their Cornbread. That is one of the main reasons I keep going there over and over again. I wasn’t very hungry(and I was gonna fill myself with the cornbread anyways..:)), so I had a bowl of tortilla soup. The one complaint I had was that the cornbread is usually piping hot, served out of the cast iron skillet it was baked in, but maybe because it was a weekday, it was room temp, and it didnt taste fresh. I liked the soup, it was good, hot and warming and not too cheesy.

Felix had the Baked Seafood Enchiladas with a glass of Pinot Noir and a and DH had the Crab Spinach Skillet with the Hibiscus Rita. More pictures of our food, are below..You can even see my dear husband reaching out for his chips, when I said, stop! and clicked. 🙂 Oh..the joys of Foodblogging..:)

Well the ‘Crab spinach skillet’ turned out to be more like an appetizer than a main course. It was like chip and dip, and the dip was Spinach and artichoke, where they swapped the artichoke with some crab. A side of someting would have been nice and more filling. Needless to say, DH was still hungry when we got home.

The baked seafood enchiladas had salmon and tuna in the stuffing and were topped with grilled shrimp. It came with green chile rice and black beans on the side. I am not exactly sure if Felix liked his enchiladas, coss it was getting late for his flight, and we didnt exactly get to reminisce about the meal. I have tasted Z Tejas enchiladas before, and I know they come with a rich buttery sauce, unlike the Mexican sauces.

All in all a good meal, shared with great family, along with an experience to learn and taste good food.

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  1. Felix

    It turned out to be the perfect dinner before I leave Bellevue. The enchilada was not like the usual Mexican style what I’ve tasted before, the taste was surprisingly great and cheesy too. Love to step in one more time.

    Sis: Like I said before the next time I come over to Bellevue we will hunt down the best restaurants for our daily dinner 🙂

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