Pomgranita – Pomegranate Granita

Once you become a food blogger and start entering events organized by other bloggers, the question:”What should I make to participate in X event” always lies in the back of your mind. Very similar to how ‘Whats for dinner’ always does. Its an exciting feeling, to discover a recipe, try it and then relish it. It increases your passion for food, and your love for cooking.

I was in this quest for the past few days, trying to choose a dish for the ‘Healing foods – Pomegranate‘ event, originally started by Siri’s Corner. But, it was impossible for me to do that, coss I kept wanting to do something with real pomegranates, and they are just not in season in the US right now. After trying my luck at the produce section of many groceries and the frozen food aisles(why don’t they sell frozen pomegrantes? Its so the craze right now..), I picked my backup plan – pomegranate juice. And, I am glad I did, because it resulted in a very refreshing dish. Pomgranita – Pomegranate Granita. Get it??

I had’nt tasted granita ever before..I had seen it on TV, and I knew it was this ice crystally thing, sort of a fruit juice version of a snow cone, which it is, but way more delicious than I had imagined it to be. Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, although available all over Italy, it is related to sorbet and italian ice.” – Wikipedia.

I chose to flavor my granita with pomegranate juice. With all the hype that is going on about super foods, we all know that Pomegranate juice is good for us. But did you know it is higher in antioxidants than red wine or green tea – three times more ounce for ounce. Yeah, so don’t let someone tell you , they have a glass of red wine everyday, for the antioxidants. haha…Have a glass of pomegranate juice instead…(there goes your alcohol).

Jokes aside, it is truly a healing food: it is been found that it prevents heart disease, not healing, but preventing. It is a natural blood thinner and promotes blood flow to the heart. It helps raise your ‘good cholesterol’ and reduce your ‘bad cholesterol’. It helps cure and prevent a lot of cancer illnesses, including breast cancer, lung cancer. It also helps lower your blood pressure. It is also believed to nourish and strengthen the baby while you are pregnant.

And if you are bored of just drinking it as a juice, make it into a frozen dessert…

2  cups  pomegranate juice
1/3  cup  orange juice
1 1/2  teaspoons  lemon juice
1/4  cup  sugar


Add all the ingredients into a casserole dish. Whisk to dissolve the sugar in the juice. Set the juice in the freezer. After one hour, scrape the frozen ice with the tines of a fork and return to the freezer. Repeat the process 3 or 4 times until you see fine ice crystals. Scoop the crystals into a serving glass, top with a mint for garnish and serve.

P.S. You remember my post – ‘Patience is a virtue’ when it comes to baking bread, and how I couldn’t help poking and prodding the dough. Now this, is the other end of the spectrum, where you get to poke and prod and scrape and do what you will with the dish to make it tasty. Now, Impatience is a virtue too..:D How about that?? Don’t you love cooking or what? Its for the patient, the impatient and everybody in between. 🙂

Verdict: It was fluffy, light and refreshing, a perfect alternative for ice cream. It also makes you feel good because you are just eating sweetened fruit juice and not a ton of cream and sugar. I love it, and the fact that it can be made in infinite variations is a bonus. This is something that I am going to be making over and over again. Next time, with one of those veggie + fruit blends..

Speaking of icecreams, this is also my entry to the Thanda Mela event. This could be a light dessert served on a hot summer day. It is a different, healthy and easy alternative to ice-cream, and doesn’t require any special equipment, and can be a fun recipe to make with kids on their summer holidays.

Also sending this to ‘Cold Desserts’ Event at TorviewToronto.

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