Leftover Makeover – Mushroom Masala Burrito

One of the most compelling reasons for me to start a food blog was seeing so many food blog events going on, that encourage you to try new recipes. I am still in the first few days of starting this blog, and am still working on getting my feet on the ground , but I was planning on getting my hands dirty in the  food blog events scene very soon.

However, I didn’t think today would be the day. I stumbled on the great events that Divya of Dil Se is hosting.As I looked on the events, I realized that the last day for the Global Kadai – Burritos/Wraps was today.

Global Kadai is an event that was started by Cilantro. It aims at encouraging food bloggers to give and Indian twist on recipes from around the world.

I wondered if I could make it, but Burritos/Wraps are so forgiving, in that they could be made with anything. I did have some leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and I had the building blocks for my entry.


1/4 cup of leftover mushroom masala

1/4 cup of rice

1/4 cup of shredded cabbage

2 tbsp of seeded chopped tomato

1  low carb high fiber whole wheat tortilla

1 tbsp of lemon juice

a pinch of salt

a pinch of chat masala

slices of cucumber for garnish


Slightly toast the tortilla on a griddle over medium heat, until it warms and is pliable. Toss the cabbage with the lemon juice, salt and chat masala. Mix the rice with the mushroom masala. Layer the rice in a single layer in the middle of the tortilla, top with the cabbage mixture, sprinkle with the tomato. Fold over the ends of the tortilla and if needed secure with a toothpick. Your Mushroom Masala Burrito is ready. Enjoy with a side of cool cucumber slices.

The concept of a burrito has endless possibilities in itself. It is the perfect vehicle for a leftover makeover. This could be made with any leftover curry, leftover chapatis and leftover rice . Redemption for the small containers of a of food saved over the course of a week, dreading the fact that they might end up in the garbage.

So, here goes: The entry for my first  food blog event ever- the Global Kadai – Burritos/Wraps Event. Thanks to so many inspiring foodies and their food blogs encouraging newbies like me, to be participants and not mere spectators.

Verdict: It tasted fast-foody with the freshness from the lemon juice and the chat masala.  I left out the usual cheese, sour cream etc. with the idea of maintaining it Indian and also a tad bit healthy. But, I think I could have grated some paneer over it, or made a quick raita with the cucumber and drizzled it as a sauce on top. Ideas for future leftover makeovers. 🙂

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