Garden Prep 2010

After our brunch on Saturday, we decided to visit a local nursery in preparation for gardening 2010. I usually sow seeds inside with a seed starting kit and that is how we start our garden for the year. But, last year, all my seedlings died once planted out. And with little one learning to move around, I did’nt think that I could give it a try this year and give it the care it needs. I know I sound like an ardent gardener, but nope…still a beginner. Managed to get some veggies from our summer garden since we bought our house three years back. DH is the one with the green thumb I should say.

Anyway, we always have a good success with plants we buy from the nursery, i.e we manage not to kill them . 🙂 We usually buy plants from chain home stores, but I wanted to go local this year. We visited Molbaks nursery, and it was a good choice. Its a huuuge nursery, and we didnt tour the whole place(yep, its like taking a tour). I wanted to get some herbs and DH wanted some tomato plants and some summer squash. So this is what we got:

Garlic chives


Rosmarinus Arp (Rosemary)

Early Girl tomato

Better Boy Tomato

Sweet million Tomato

Cayenne Pepper

Gold Rush Summer Squash

Aristocrat Zucchini Squash

Red mini Cascade Geraniums

The staff at Molbaks are very helpful and they have great information too. They had so many different kinds of rosemary, and I was so confused. The staff there helped me, saying that the Arp particular rosemary variety is very hardy, and survived the worst winter a couple of years back. The weather here is still a little chilly, so they advised us to keep our plants indoors by a sunny window until night time temperatures hit 55 degrees or above. Hoping that day(or night rather) arrives soon.

After buying the plants, and walking through the huge nursery, we were hungry and decided to eat. The garden cafe there looked great, and we decided to try it out. The menu didn’t have a lot to offer, but the prices were nominal. I had the veggie quiche with a mixed greens salad and DH had the salmon sandwich. Sorry, no couldn’t get any pictures of the food. The food tasted good, but the portion size was very small.

Will keep everyone posted of the progress my little plants make. Until then, keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

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